SEP 27 2014 — Fall Final

Rent A Racecar was hard at work all season long bringing cars to the track for renters to race.  The 2014 Fall Final, the last race of the season at Stafford Motor Speedway, acted as a test session for team RAR for the 2015 season.  RAR brought the #6, #22 and the #26 cars to the track to shake down and gear up for the 2015 season.


The #6 was driven by Armand Cote Jr; long time crew member for RAR.  This was Armand’s first race of the 2014 season, which by track rules, he started in the back of the field.  “The car handled pretty good, but it was down on power.  Have a few bugs to work out in the off-season but this car will be on track for next year as a rental,” Armand said as the car was getting loaded onto the trailer.  Armand piloted the #6 unsponsored RAR DARE Stock to a 15th place finish.

Long time race fan and racer, Paul Bourdon Jr, hopped into the freshly rebuild #22 RAR Chassis for the first time, after renting the #26 car a handful of times.  Bourdon Jr raced at Riverside Speedway many years ago, and after a 20 year absence from the track, came back to see what he had.  “We are very excited to get behind the wheel of a race car again.  After shaking out all of the cobwebs it seems like I am still able to do this, and will be right back here next season!”  Paul finished 12th after small on-track altercations, but the car was brought back in one piece.  Bourdon Jr is very excited to be running a full season for team RAR in the #62 RaceDayCT DARE Stock!

Dan Kennedy was behind the wheel of the #26 car.  Dan spent m aost of the night making sure the setup was just right on the #26 North East Wrestling DARE Stock.  This is the primary car for team RAR; which most first time renters are able to get in to and race.  “This was a lot of fun!  We were able to get the car handling just right and brought it home in one piece!  Looking forward to next season!”  Dan was able to muster up an 11th place finish in the feature event.  He will be back in the car a handful of times throughout the 2015 Season, including the opening Spring Sizzler!