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Ever wanted to get into racing, but never really had the means to; THIS is the way to go! Rather than drop all the money on a racecar, truck, trailer, tools, safety gear, etc, etc; you can just show up to the track and RACE in the DARE Stock Division at Stafford Motor Speedway!

We LITERALLY supply you with everything you need; race car, fuel, fire suit, gloves, shoes, helmet, everything! You simply show up to the track, purchase your NASCAR License at the Paddack booth, and RACE! It’s that simple!

Cost? Not bad. For $600, (plus a $500 deposit; $1,100 total), YOU can race against the top names in the Stafford Speedway DARE Stock division! If you don’t damage the wheels, radiator, frame, you get your full $500 deposit back THAT NIGHT! (you can even hand it back towards your NEXT rental!)

It doesn’t stop there! This year RAR will also be offering in-car video for the first time ever to ALL of it’s renters!! For an additional $50, you get the in-car video; $25 on top of that you’ll get professional feedback commentary recorded over the video to talk through your race; giving you pointers for next time!

Call us to book a date!

Gary Spinnato Jr

Paul Varricchio, Jr.